Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ho, Ho, Holy Cow....

I have been such a slacker lately and I apologize. Well Christmas seems far gone, and as much as I love Christmas, I'm sure glad it's over.

As the title of this post states, Ho, Ho, Holy Cow, am I glad that the hussel and bussel of the holiday's are behind us.

The girls and I had a wonderful Christmas with my family, and Santa brought the girls lots of fun things. Sienna got a "Jennie Jumper" that she just loves! She is so fun to watch in it. She just laughs, and laughs. What a sweetie!

Munroe got some fun dress up clothes that she loves getting into. I took some pictures of Munroe and Sienna with the Dorthy wig on from one of her costumes. I could hardly contain the laughter.

Here are some pictures from around Christmas, and the last month or so. Hope you enjoy. The girls are so beautiful and fun.


  1. I am so glad you posted more pictures. I have been anxious to see the girls again. What beauties. I love the wig pictures. That Sienna looks so squeezable! Oh, those cheeks! Munroe looks like the best big sister ever. I bet she's a real help! And the curls on that girl. Just gorgeous! Hugs and loves to all. Thanks for posting!!!

  2. You & Your girls are so Beautiful!!