Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ho, Ho, Holy Cow....

I have been such a slacker lately and I apologize. Well Christmas seems far gone, and as much as I love Christmas, I'm sure glad it's over.

As the title of this post states, Ho, Ho, Holy Cow, am I glad that the hussel and bussel of the holiday's are behind us.

The girls and I had a wonderful Christmas with my family, and Santa brought the girls lots of fun things. Sienna got a "Jennie Jumper" that she just loves! She is so fun to watch in it. She just laughs, and laughs. What a sweetie!

Munroe got some fun dress up clothes that she loves getting into. I took some pictures of Munroe and Sienna with the Dorthy wig on from one of her costumes. I could hardly contain the laughter.

Here are some pictures from around Christmas, and the last month or so. Hope you enjoy. The girls are so beautiful and fun.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mommy's Girls.

I was feeling a little camera happy today, and decided to take a couple of pictures of the girls and me. They actually turned out very cute. I feel so blessed to have my 2 little girls. They bring me such JOY!

I just love Munroe's baby brown eyes. Sienna's are a greenish blue right now, and they are big and beautiful.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I put Sienna in one of Munroe's old outfits, and she just looked adorable! I couldn't help but pull out the camera and take some pictures.

So here are some cute pics of Sienna in the outfit, and Munroe in the outfit when she was little. Mind, Munroe isn't sporting the hat or coat, but it's the same outfit.

They are both just the sweetest little things ever. I love there smiles!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Munroe, and Sienna???

So I was thinking the other day, and wondering if Sienna is going to look just like her big sister Munroe, or if she'll look totally different.

So I've decided to put up pictures of both Munroe and Sienna and see if they look like little doubles of each other, or not.

You look and then cast your vote. Do we have little twins, or just sisters that you'll know are sisters cause they have some similarities.You decided.

Sienna is first, and Munroe second, and then it's Munroe first in her blessing dress, and Sienna second in her blessing dress.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My little fudge pudge.

Rub-a-dub-dub, My little chub in a tub, and how do you think she got there. No butcher, no baker, no candle stick maker. She's so cute it's enough to make her mom stare.
Sienna LOVES her bath time!! She's like her big sister in that way. Munroe loved taking baths when she was a baby to.
Her cute little smile just makes me melt. She is such a sweetheart. She reminds me of Munroe. Munroe was a beautiful baby also.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

About a week before Halloween my mom and I decided to take the girls to the Pumpkin Festival in Stansbury, and boy did Munroe have a good time.

Of course the food, and treats were the best thing in Munroe's opinion, but I thought the booths and entertainment were really fun.

One nice things about going to the Festival was seeing Ken's Gymnastics preform. The kids preforming did a nice job, and so I've now put Munroe into that gymnastics program, and she is LOVING IT!!

Here are a couple of fun pictures from the Festival. Munroe and Sienna were dressed up in their costumes, and they looked very cute, or if you ask Munroe, she's not cute, she's Scary.

Monday before Halloween we decided that for Family Home Evening we'd carve pumpkins. We went to Walmart, and picked out a couple of very nice pumpkins.
Munroe had already picked out a pumpkin at her grandma Leak's house down in there field a few days earlier, and so we had 3 pumpkins that needed to be transformed into masterpieces.

This is Munroe's finished pumpkin, and I have to say, she did a really good job. She carved the face almost entirely by herself. I was impressed.

We had a great time carving the pumpkins, and cleaning out the "guts", as Munroe puts it. We'll just have to wait till next year to see what creative pumpkin faces Munroe and Sienna will come up with. I'm looking forward to that.

Halloween had finally arrived, and not a minute to late. Munroe has been asking me for weeks when we were going to go trick or treating, and I was finally able to say, tonight.

Of course the day didn't seem to pass quite fast enough for my little money-hunny. By the time we were getting ready to go meet our good friends Heather, Sami, and Griff, Munroe was so anxious to leave I practically had to force her to smile for some pictures. (And believe me you can tell by the look on her face in a couple of the pictures.) lol

Once we were gone, and out trick or treating, Munroe was as happy as could be. Well, at least till she started to get cold; but that wasn't till about an hour and a half into the trick or treating. By the end of the night Munroe's bag was full of candy, (a benifit of which I would partake of later that evening.) and we had had a wonderful time.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Little Family

My beautiful little family.

Well I've been hearing all about this blogging thing, and I've finally decided to try it. Here's a couple pics of the girls and I. I have to admit, I've been blessed with 2 very beautiful daughters who bring me lots of joy.... and lots of stress. But I'll take the stress any day, because they make me smile.
Munroe turned 4 in July, and Sienna was born on the 10th of August. I don't know where the time goes. I swear it feels like just yesterday that I was bringing home my sweet baby girl Munroe from the hospital; But now's she's my big girl
helping mom with her little baby sister Sienna.
How lucky I am to have them!